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REBOOT Health Transformation

REBOOT Health Transformation

This is a three (3) month/90 Day, personalized coaching program, designed to reboot your internal hard-drive of habits and health. Our goal is  to reverse negative blood markers, inflammation, and excess weight (30lbs or more). We will work, together, as a team, to create new habits, transforming your health, creating a life style you can sustain, and the health you deserve.


You will receive the following:

  • Basic Health Evaluation* ($375 value)
  • Nutritional Gameplan – (includes suggested grocery lists/menu-meal suggestions/Detox)
  • 90 Days of Individualized Coaching
  • Fitness/Stress Relief Gameplan
  • Supplement Recommendation
  • Patient Advocacy if under the care of a physician
  • Daily Journal review and follow up
  • Weekly  Phone Call - Support/Review/Encouragement  (12 phone calls)
  • Monthly Status Review – weigh, measure and journal review – revise program if necessary. (In person appointment if location permits.)
  • Email communication following each appointment.


CONTACT: 910.550.8632 / Email:

Disclaimer: Kim Goble of Healthy U is not a medical doctor, and does not prescribe, diagnose or treat illness, and or disease, but uses natural health methods to improve overall health and well being.


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