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Patient Advocacy*

Patient Advocacy*

This service must start with a Health Evaluation* ($375 value), in order to best establish an effective protocol for patient and participating physician(s). Additional fees will apply if multiple patient/physician communication is required.


Healthy U will provide a thorough Health Evaluation with Nutritional and possibly Supplemental Gameplan, based on current health condition. When there is chronic/serious illness involved, and multiple medications, it is important that all parties communicate clearly the objective, which is to improve the health and life of the patient. This is the goal of Healthy U, through strategic planning with patient’s medical support team.


Healthy U uses nutrition and other natural methods to improve overall function of the body, and feelings of well being. Some physicians will work with a patient advocate, and some will not. Regardless, Healthy U will provide a detailed evaluation for the patient to discuss/review with physician(s).

CONTACT: 910.550.8632 / Email:


Disclaimer: Kim Goble of Healthy U is not a medical doctor, and does not prescribe, diagnose or treat illness, and or disease, but uses natural health methods to improve overall health and well being.

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