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Personalized Healthcare….the ONLY Healthcare of the Future🍎🥑🏃‍♀️💊

The human species has many similarities as individuals, but we can no longer look at our health, and healthcare as a mass solution—one size fits all. For as much as we are similar, we are all very different when it comes to our chemistry, biology, genetics, and environmental factors. What we need as far as nutritional balance is different, according to our age, gender, size, basal metabolic rate, and activity/energy expenditure. More importantly, we all respond differently to “capitalistic solutions”. We have to keep in mind, healthcare is about profit, and so is the ever growing Natural Health Revolution. So when deciding on a health protocol for you and your family, make sure its primary focus is to improve the health and well being of ALL individuals, and not just to follow a certain “restrictive” diet, take a particular supplement, or perform a specific workout routine.

Improving your health should always start with the food you eat—what you are putting in your mouth; a balance of what each of us need for optimal health and well being. That doesn’t have to look like Keto, Paleo, or Vegan. That simply means a personalized balance for YOU and for me. We all need a ratio of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat.

We also must understand the Fundamentals of Health begins, builds and ends on a cellular level. Our cells are the building blocks of our health. Science use to believe it was all about DNA, but one experiment which removed DNA from a cell, showed incredible cell survival, within a certain healthy environment. The quality of our cells—cell health, is what allows the good stuff in and gets the bad stuff out. What we need to focus on with any chronic illness and disease, as well as aging, is the source of Chronic Cellular Inflammation. Until we reduce or eliminate the daily cascade of inflammation and inflammatory markers, chronic illness, obesity and disease will remain.

The basics for improving health are pretty simple: We must REMOVE, REPAIR and REPLACE. If we have heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune issues, obesity, cancer, chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, indigestion, acid reflux, IBS, constipation or anything affecting your body and health in a negative way, we must first REMOVE what is causing the issues. That takes true desire and patience, as the elimination process is very necessary to get to the root of the problem(s).

Unfortunately, our healthcare system doesn’t allow for time, or time consuming discovery, so they appear to throw darts with diagnosis and medications, hoping for a hit. As long as we allow insurance companies to dictate our health care path, based on numbers, profits, and not what is necessarily best for the individual, we will never improve or obtain great health, but maintain a status quo of bad health. Keep in mind, the body can live a long time “sustaining” health, but having health doesn’t mean the absence of disease. Being healthy means enhanced quality of day to day life through energy, physical mobility and overall feelings of well being.

So we begin a Personalized Healthcare journey with an assessment of the current state of health, making sure we are getting a clear and thorough picture with blood, urine and even saliva testing. We should participate in a thorough health history discovery, taking time to reflect on our energy levels, how we are sleeping, our stress levels, what we are eating and drinking, and WHEN we are eating. FOOD MATTERS more than most healthcare professionals will admit, as I see it used to reverse serious health issues every single day. Most importantly, we must work with an individual or organization whose prime focus and agenda is to IMPROVE HEALTH with the basics, first: FOOD, WATER, EXERCISE, SLEEP, and SUPPLEMENTATION when and if necessary. Sure, with any legitimate professional service, there will be a fee, or should be a fee attached. This should be for professional time and advice. No one should be made to purchase supplements in order to get health advice. No one should be forced to join a multi level marketing group, or purchase products, to get professional health advice. Those pushing products over advice most likely don’t have the help you need.

With all of that said, the amounts of processed or “frankenfoods” eaten by the majority, has created an epidemic of a malnourished, gut leaking population. So we often need to use some helpful supplements to REPAIR the stomach and digestive track, so it is prepared to receive and process “REAL” food. We also might need help from quality supplements to replenish serious deficiencies with vitamins, minerals or correct hormonal imbalances. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we need them for life. We take the responsibility of using quality products, and monitor their success. If they aren’t working, we discontinue the product. But we can’t get serious about health until we get serious about what we are eating and drinking, first. I do not believe in supplementing our way to health, but using “quality” and proven supplements when and if needed. Where most people fail with supplements, is looking at the pill over the daily basics, to save or repair their health. You cannot ultimately improve health without making changes to diet and lifestyle.

Great health starts in childhood, teaching children about the cause and effect of food, drinking water, exercise, sleep, and even stress management. The more processed food we choose to eat, the less our bodies are going to get fed, and they will begin to crave more and more of the bad stuff. I see way to many children puffy and swollen with inflammation at very young ages. I see too many children inactive, not understanding the importance of physical activity, and prefer a sedentary lifestyle over physical activity. This has to change.

For the first time in fifty plus years, the estimated life span of our current generations has shortened by ten years. We are going backward as a nation, country, and the family unit. If we are going to improve our health, there is no other way but to take personal responsibility for ourselves and families. We have to learn to feed ourselves REAL food, and reduce and or eliminate processed “food like” products as much as possible. Most will say they don’t have time, but if we don’t find time to take care of our health, we will be forced to deal with the chronic illness and disease that is taking over the lives of Americans.

Take responsibility for your health—it matters. Don’t wait until you or a family member is pushed into a catastrophic corner, and has limited to no choice. Be aware of what and when you are eating, and drinking. Get involved with your healthcare, with your physician. Ask questions. We forget they work for us. They do not declare the direction of our health unless we let them. They (conventional physicians), were not taught about the different facets of nutrition, vitamins and minerals and the body. They are taught how to diagnose and treat (medicate), illness and or disease. For most, their focus is not with prevention or maintaining extraordinary health, and they will convince you, this is as good as it gets.

Get advice and or help from a reliable, honest professional that isn’t just pushing you to buy their products, or take medication, or to follow an outdated, no longer relevant, government nutritional protocol. Know and understand, we don’t have to settle for poor or mediocre health, but we do have to get involved and make some changes with daily habits. We all only die once, but we can choose how to live each and every day. Choose health!

Disclaimer: Kim Goble of Healthy U is not a medical doctor, and does not prescribe, diagnose or treat illness, and or disease, but uses natural health methods to improve overall health and well being.

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