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How Human Nature Can be Harmful

Human nature has been proven to resist change or any transformation unless current environment or circumstances become more painful than they can endure. Whether physical pain or emotional trauma, we choose to live on a habitual loop of habit, with many thoughtless actions and decisions, that honestly are not healthy or productive. The majority fears change more than whatever is being experienced staying the same. But it isn’t all our fault, because our brains were designed to protect us—keep us the same, comfortable.

The point: We don’t know the difference. Most adults over 30 have never felt great health, or really great, natural energy. They believe that a natural progression of aging is being overweight, having indigestion, acid reflux, high blood pressure, low energy, no sex drive, bad sleep, hormonal imbalances, achy bones and muscles.

Something that resonated with me from the movie “Eat Pray Love”, is Julia Robert’s phrase…”Ruin is the road to transformation”, as she sits in a 400 year old castle, realizing the universal nature of things is to not build up or change until something reaches total ruin. As it is said, you don’t truly look up, until you hit bottom. The way Americans, and most human population, treat health the very same. They don’t look for a better way until they are close to ruin.

Recently, a client texted me a message stating she never realized how bad she felt until she started feeling so good. She was intimidated by adapting to a healthier life, afraid of the change, loss of time and being uncomfortable. Now that she is feeling better than ever before, it doesn’t even seem like work, or take much effort. Her biggest lesson has been you can’t treat your body like a garbage disposal and expect it to run like a happy, well oiled machine.

I am grateful to receive messages like this from all of my clients. They just never knew or believed in great health, because they had never felt it before—nothing to compare it to.

Another story includes a 72 year old man, who worked as a janitor for a manufacturing plant. He and I were friends, but he knew I was considered the “healthy one”, so he had lots of questions, but gave no excuses for his Standard American Diet…basically eating processed crap, day after day, year after year. We would often gather in the lunch room, and I never commented about anything he was eating, but offered all the information he wanted.

One day, my friend wasn’t at lunch, or at work. It appeared he had experienced a massive heart attack, and was scheduled for quadruple bypass surgery. He survived the surgery, and came back to work after 30 days of rest and recovery. As I approached him in the lunch room to see how he was doing, he yelled my name, “Kim, I got all new plumbing! It took 72 years to break mine down, and now I have a fresh start”. As he continued to eat the same processed crap that created his critical health condition in the first place. He wasn’t striving to feel any better—just the same as he did before he had a heart attack.

This wonderful human has no idea what it feels like to be really healthy, or feel really great, so why change? All he wanted was the same.

It is hard for me to grasp that people would rather pay thousands of dollars on medications

that never make them feel better; or solve their health problems, and refuse to spend any money or time on prevention, so they can truly experience great health. They don’t because they don’t believe they can feel any better. They don’t know any different.


I encourage all to take inventory of your health today—your daily habits, rate your feeling of wellness, level of energy, and know that we are not victims. We do have choices we can make each and every day to produce good or bad health. We don’t have to be targets for the latest virus, every time one blooms. We don’t have to have chronic sinus infections, UTIs, or digestive issues. We can reverse bad health, and eliminate medications. We can go through a day without health issues, and we can lose weight, balance our hormones, and feel natural energy. We can sleep, and we can become fit at any age of our lives. But, we have to decide we want the change more then the comfort of staying the same. It is my choice, and yours. Think about that.

Most people aren’t use to even thinking about what they are eating, drinking or doing—they are simply on auto pilot most of the time. So it feels odd when they begin a Healthy U program, always thinking about food, being “intentional”. This is a good thing, not bad. We get sick, overweight, and feel lousy because we aren’t living “intentionally”, so give it a try.

There is so much to live for, so I encourage everyone to find a trusted source that can simplify the health improvement process, because there is so much more to living and being healthy, than just avoiding death. HEALTHY U is standing by happy and ready to help in any way. Be well🌿❤

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