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Health is a Personal Responsibility🧠💪👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🥦

There are many things in this world that are out of our control. I believe one of the most important daily functions is to be able to decipher what that means to each of us; what we can and cannot control, and understand we are all different-- unique, and have a wide range of requirements for a healthy body and life. But sooner than later, we have to stop long enough to figure out what that honestly looks like--do the work, and make good daily choices. Yes, you can get advice from professionals, and should, but no one can do the work for you in order to achieve and maintain great health. Again, the big picture looks different for all of us, but the basics are the same, so I guess the bottom line is: do you really want to be healthy, or do you want to accept the "normal aging", narrative, and be a statistic?

There are millions of people that can not do or care for themselves-- the elderly, children, and the mentally and or physically disabled. I gladly and whole heartedly support helping those that cannot help themselves. But for the majority, we are not victims, and can and should do much more to improve health, reduce and prevent chronic illness and disease. It isn't the responsibility of our neighbors, community or local and federal government, to keep people healthy. Yes, we should support one another, and regulations and laws are needed for clean air, water, food supply, and civil community cohabitation. But when it comes to individual health, it really is a personal responsibility, especially when we know so much is a result of our daily choices and lifestyles.

It is not "natural" to reach forty years of age, and accept high blood pressure, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, elevated triglycerides, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, indigestion and acid reflux as the "norm". All of the above, for the most part, are the product--outcomes of cause and effect. Do people get horrible health diagnosis every day like cancer, heart disease, neuromuscular disease, dementia, and more? Absolutely--it saddens me the overwhelming sickness in this country. But, just because we receive a diagnosis does not mean our responsibility to build and maintain health goes to someone else. There is so much we can do to reverse, repair and prevent bad health. There is so much we can do to lessen the symptoms of bad health, if only we would take the time and get involved--value health, and make it a priority. If we don't care about our health, why should anyone else?

Before you get angry or feel upset from what I just wrote, think about it. We are what we eat, drink, think about and do--bottom line. If you aren't feeding your body health and energy, you won't feel healthy or have natural sustained energy. Certainly as we age, we have to change up our Gameplan, but age doesn't automatically mean we have to live with bad health, low metabolism, excess weight, fat, and chronic issues . Age simply means we have to change things up, and handle our bodies differently. With all of that said, I do believe we MUST do a better job with making sure all towns, cities and municipalities--all people, have access to quality food, air and water, which we know, is not currently happening. This IS the job of our local and federal governments, and these categories deserve our involvement and time to educate regarding laws, issues, and solutions. This affects all lives and generations to come.

Over 90% of people reading this blog will say to themselves or out loud, "who has time to improve their health"? If you don't take the time, "get involved", who do you think will? Medications don't necessarily improve quality of life, or resolve issues. So going to your doctor more times than not is a futile attempt to "feel better". They certainly don't have time to get to know you, or know exactly what to do in 10 to 15 minutes. They can quickly try to diagnose a possibility and prescribe a medication. But, if it doesn't work, whose following up--coming to help? This is why it is important to get actively involved with your health, understanding all options for living and feeling better.

My Personal Health is changing, as I am more than aware nothing stays the same, especially health and wellness. Many of you may know I have taken Healthy U on the road for 2021, with the purpose of reaching more people with a simplified message regarding health. My goal was and is to help people see the importance, and the truths around restoring natural health; while changing my perspective on so many different socio-economic backgrounds/environments. Health is seen, understood and experienced differently by our population, this I see more clearly.

This is all good. The human body is constantly changing/adapting to its environment. What I needed in Springfield, MO is different from Long Beach, MS to Prescott, AZ, and Antioch, California. I am constantly learning, changing and adapting. As I figure out my own restorative needs, Healthy U followers and participants will most certainly benefit.

So try not to look at change with such despair and frustration. If we embrace the path that lays before us, with a healthy growth anticipation; we will be happier, healthier and find more peace.

For me, if I don't have leafy greens every day, in a smoothie or a large salad, I just feel off. But traveling with a large container of greens isn't practical, unless I am staying in one location for a week or more, and have a large refrigerator. I have learned to pack the greens in Ziplock bags, and place in my soft side cooler. I use a bag of frozen fruit for my ice to keep all things cold. Boiled eggs, canned meat, whether wild salmon or tuna, and even chicken, is a go to for protein. Apples, cuties, nuts/seeds, and coconut popcorn are my snacks. Not a lot of room in my car with a 65lb Vizsla taking up most of the back seat, but we try to stay healthy no matter the obstacles. We have learned how to simplify eating healthy on the road, that's for sure. Luckily, my family in California has fruit trees and lots of fresh produce growing in their back yard--Lucky girl I am🙌 But the challenge comes from getting what I know I need with cardio exercise and stretching and conditioning my muscles. I have learned I can't drive all day without it. My lower back just won't tolerate the sitting--so we stop and move ALOT!

We have to understand that what we do day after day is based on habits that we have developed from a very young age. We think and do much of the same every day, directed by a brain on a loop, with deep seated information. Until we fully understand this, and work to replace this loop of information, we will not change. How does this happen? From replacing the old information with new after day.

Everyone has time to improve their health. It takes getting honest with ourselves about what that looks like. The excuses come from over thinking the process, and believing we have to make a 180 change or nothing. Wrong. Small changes repetitively, do make a huge difference. So I encourage everyone to spend a little more time on building great health, and learning what that looks like for you and your families. If we do this, I promise the fear of getting a virus or any illness, losses power real quick.

Be watching for my next Travel Blog on my Western adventures. Incredibly fascinating how health is perceived and lived across the USA. Be Well🌻

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