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ELEVEN MILLION people die every year from a bad diet.

MORE THAN A BILLION people in the world are overweight and sick from eating a processed industrialized diet, and not eating a healthy whole foods diet.

THE NUMBER ONE factor causing these deaths is a lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

59% fifty nine percent of our farmland is used to grow commodity crops (corn, wheat, soy) that gets turned into ultra-processed foods that we know are deadly.

2% two percent, unfortunately, of our farmland is used to grow fruits and vegetables. In spite of our government’s recommendations that 50 percent of our diet should be fruits and vegetables.


In 10 years, 83 MILLION AMERICANS will have three or more chronic diseases compared to 30 million in 2015. Today, 60% OF AMERICANS have one chronic disease and 40% have two or more chronic diseases.

We know that 11 MILLION DEATHSa year are caused by chronic disease (mostly caused by diet), which is 71 percent of all deaths on the planet. This means a lot of extra deaths because we support agriculture that creates food that makes us sick.

$95,000,000,000,000 is what it costs our society over the next 35 years in both direct health care costs and the loss of productivity due to chronic lifestyle related diseases—caused by our industrial foods diet.


1. Vote with your fork and your dollar $. Support regenerative agriculture and locally grown food.

2. Minimize or stop purchasing ultra-processed foods.

3. Learn all about “whole, real food”. Be a role model in your community. Teach your family why food matters. Work with your local schools to fix school lunches. Share meals with friends and family.

4. Grow your own food. Growing your own food is the epitome of eating locally—even if it’s just a few herbs in a pot, in your house, or a small garden in your backyard.

References: Dr. Mark Hyman – Food Fix

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