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2020 was all about gaining "perfect vision" for me, clarity, and to so many all over the world. I/we had no idea of what was to come and playout. Today, I do stand with an improved and clear vision on how to move forward in an ever changing world of viral invaders, and health destroyers. This is what I want to share with all of you, on a continual basis--show and share how people just like you, are handling health issues all over the US. I believe this will be a very important year. This journey is all about taking individual responsibility for health--for you and your families. It doesn't have to be complicated, but we do have to make changes to our daily habits, first, sorting through fact from fiction.

2021 yelled at me with the directive to "EXPAND"--getting off my current platform, and heading out into the field, to help people on a more personal level. It was made really clear that social media wasn't going to be how I actually played a roll in helping others reverse bad health, habits, and pursue the understanding of health and wellness, on a more simplified level.

So what does EXPAND actually mean for Healthy U? I have begun a traveling journey that will extend all over the USA, with the plans to meet new people, of different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and environments. My goal is to help dispel the very frustrating, confusing, and even fraudulent clash of information about individual health and wellbeing. People simply aren't getting an honest, clear message about how to improve and maintain health. So much of what we hear on a day to day basis is created by the media, and marketing companies, to promote an individual, company, corporation or institution pushing a product or agenda. Yep...profit over human health every single day. Even our governments (local, state and federal), along with medical and health institutions, are pushing propaganda and agendas for profit, instead of focusing on "real" human health. It will be my life's mission to help as many people as possible understand, improve and maintain great health.

Avie and I started our journey in the great state of Texas, where we are currently hanging out in the northern part of the state. We are enjoying vast landscapes, BIG Texas and American flags everywhere, dotted with amazing Texas Longhorn steers. We will eventually head to Austin, then San Antonio and visit some of the border towns.

One of our biggest challenges with Texas health is the insatiable appetite and daily diets of beef, dairy, grains and fried foods. The ever increasing Hispanic culture has been built on the daily indulgence of complex carbohydrates (beans and grains), which wouldn't be so bad if so much of it wasn't overly processed, genetically modified products. When we are eating more processed then "real" nutrition, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are inevitable. The real problem lies in the growing, manufacturing and marketing of food products, because most people believe everything sold in a grocery store has to be healthy or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it to the population....WRONG! Alost 80% of the products sold in any grocery store are seriously processed "food like" products with way too much soy, rice, grain, sugar, bad fats, chemicals and artificial ingredients. Our bodies simply do not recognize or fully utilize "food like" products as well or as efficiently as "real food". People simply do not know, and believe most of what is told to them on TV, the internet, in their grocery stores or doctor's offices. It really isn't even all our fault that we are such a sick nation-- that we don't know what to eat to be healthy. We have been lead down a very long, unhealthy road of misinformation.

The Big Disconnect

Every January a slew of new diet books are published, and editors in major publishing houses all know the average person will vow to slim down. Everyone will rave about a particular "diet" and or book, and it will quickly become a best seller. This happens year after year--publishers and authors are getting rich and the health of the average person never changes.

People are obsessed with losing weight, and yet Americans are becoming more and more obese with every passing year. Is it just me, or is there a massive disconnect here? Until we learn how to bridge the gap between our desire for change and actually creating real and sustainable change in our lives, the disconnect will continue to be very real and repetitive--year after year.

CHANGE can happen, but not merely by desire and or thought. It takes consistent, uncomfortable ACTION. Until we are ready to be a little uncomfortable, and learn what that means to each of us, we will stifle growth, and stay the exact same. Keep in mind, it has taken a lifetime to create some of the daily habits we all have. They are so deep seated because of daily repetition. That's how we learn and change, through consistent, daily repetition. We can only change bad habits by replacing them with good, and that takes time, and yes often, being uncomfortable. Our brains are designed to protect us, so when we know we should do something good, and we hesitate, our brains will ALWAYS take us back to the same ole comfort. Don't hesitate....DO...MOVE...ACT...REPEAT.

This my friends is what Healthy U is all about, and I will be delivering this message each and every day, from Missouri to Texas, Alabama, Michigan and more. We are all uniquely different, and what works for one will not necessarily work for the other. But, the basics of health apply to everyone, and we all must start our healthy journey with understanding nutrition, hydration (water), sleep, exercise and supplementation, and what that formula looks like for you. I will be reporting on how we are changing health in Texas, so stay tuned in, and Be Well🌻

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