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Kim Goble and Family
Age: 59
Home: Overland Park, KS
Reach: Nationwide - Virtually
Business Phone: 910-550-8632

Words from Kim🌻
Healthy U has been a lifetime creation. It didn't just appear out of desire to have a health and wellness business, or to capitalize on the new health revolution that has been crossing the nation. It became a reality from an obvious, continual passion to help others improve their health, from a very personal, ongoing desire to be truly healthy and fit myself. Learning along the way that "Keeping It Simple" ... communicating the basics in an easy, comprehensive and doable platform, is a winning combination.
I have learned that everyone is different, and has the right to choose their own health, wellness, and fitness journey. But we all must start with the basics to fully understand and comprehend our individual components

My Life...My Health...My Way!

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HEALTHY U is about "Simplifying Health", for anyone who is interested with improving their health. This means understanding the BASIC 5: nutrition, water, exercise, sleep and supplementation. Knowing that this looks differently for each of us, and making the commitment to learn and understand our own individual blueprint. The body is a very capable machine if we give it what it needs. 

HEALTHY U is about providing an honest, reliable, simplified, and trusted resource, without all the frustration. Health Restoration is the focus--teaching all, we must REMOVE, REPAIR, REPLACE & RE-BALANCE in order to reverse bad health, and live the healthiest life we ALL deserve.

HEALTHY U is Kim Goble…certified Natural Health & Wellness Coach, pH Balance Expert and Personal Trainer, M.S. Natural Health Sciences, who diligently continues studying natural health, human and cellular biology, nutrition, and physical fitness, currently working towards a PhD in Natural Health Sciences, with a focus in Cellular Metabolism.

Kim is a mother and grandmother (YaYa), who loves to exercise in the great outdoors, strengthen the body, and experience as much adventure as possible.  When she is not talking about, coaching, writing or studying “real health”, she is working on keeping life more simplified.  

Disclaimer: Kim Goble of Healthy U is not a medical doctor, and does not prescribe, diagnose or treat illness, and or disease, but uses natural health methods to improve overall health and well being.

In loving memory and dedicated to Dr. Mark Avery

Dr. Mark D. Avery….my inspiration every day, and the beautiful soul behind the creation of Healthy U.


If you didn’t know it before, know it now. This very special man was the inspiration behind my direction to lead, teach and coach a revolution in natural health. He was and is the smartest man I have ever known.  He read and absorbed everything, and honestly, thought and lived several frequencies above the average human. 

He talked about and studied many things--subjects, and most who know and love him, would sit patiently, while he talked and explained his theories for hours.  I can see the smiles and eye rolls from his family and closest friends :) You know what? He was right, about most everything. He predicted that managed healthcare would be the demise of quality healthcare.  He said bacteria, viruses and fungus would be found to be the cause for most chronic illness and disease, and he knew that food/nutrition, had much more to do with overall health then what the average person understood.  And he knew conventional healthcare certainly wasn’t headed in that direction.


He wanted me, his wife and family, to learn as much as we could, about the truth of great health...and live it.  So here I am...forever grateful to my very dear friend for all he taught me. Because of him, I am committed to live the balance of my life teaching all that will hear what I know about obtaining great health.


This amazing husband, father, son, friend, adventure junkie, and brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, left this world in November of 2000, after battling ALS for a couple of years.  He is forever loved and missed.

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