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Living Healthy Together
Great health doesn't have to be complicated🌻


"To passionately live, teach, coach, and motivate a life of natural health and well being." Kim Goble, CNHWC, CPT, M.S.

Patient Advocacy
Far too many today remain chronically sick while under conventional healthcare. More meds are added but health is not improved.  This is who needs an advocate--someone to help you take control over your health, and guide you through the process.


The Individual Blueprint
So many fail with weight loss programs because they are following a one-size-fits-all protocol. With Healthy U, we begin with a clinical focus on health history and blood work, then create a individual program that best suits the individual.  When we focus on health, weight loss is an automatic bi-product. We don't like wasting time or money. We win when you win, and we take your health very seriously.



One of the best things I’ve done for myself was seek help from Healthy U. You taught me so much and I feel wonderful! My blood work is great and my blood pressure is great due to changes I made because of working with you! No medicine - just lifestyle changes. Thank you!! I wish everyone could work with you and experience good health. 
Patricia ~ Huntsville, AL

Kim has been instrumental in changing the platform of my family's life.  My family has personally used Kim's services with life changing results.  This is all within a very short period
of time. 
As a massage therapist, I work with people to obtain optimal health.  I have referred multiple clients to Kim. The feedback I have received from my clients is nothing short of a miracle. All of them have received immediate results with improved energy, less body pain, better sleep and weight loss.
The small financial investment will reap a lifetime of savings with optimal health. 
Before you start a bunch of medications and testing with doctors, please give Kim a call.  You will not regret it for one minute.

Connie, St. Louis, MO

"Food is information; it can tell our cells to work their energetic magic or it can tell them to give up and age faster." - Dr. Mark Hyman

Join today for exclusive access to health and wellness resources featuring over 20 years of cutting-edge and honest science, research, and teaching practices. 

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